We welcome the opportunity of working with you to ensure that all children excel in their education and personal development whilst at Nursling (Church of England) Primary School.


The Governing Body has a close working relationship with the Local Authority, Diocese and school staff to ensure that all resources are well managed for the care, well being and educational benefit of each child. The school will encourage every child to achieve personal excellence in a thoughtful, caring and safe environment and we are thankful for the skills of all staff for achieving these aims. Our ambition is for continuous improvement both as an organisation and for all those we serve.


We are exceedingly grateful for members representing the local authority, staff, parents and local church who volunteer to serve on the Governing Body. Every member brings different attributes and skills to the governance of the school, and whilst obligations are undertaken earnestly it is our intention that we enjoy voluntary service. I would encourage everyone to get involved with the activities of the school whether it is serving on the Governing Body, PTA or volunteering to assist on school trips, after school activities or church services: there is opportunity to participate and have an enjoyable time by helping our children to develop.


We are a learning organisation and are seeking always to improve. The school anticipates meeting expectations and if you have suggestions for improvement I encourage you to make contact and discuss with the Class Teacher, Head-teacher or governors at an early opportunity. You may also be looking at this website as a prospective employee or for the purposes of learning more about the school: if there is information that is missing please let us know and we will rectify.


Whilst you will regularly come into contact with Class Teachers and Head-teacher, governors welcome occasions when we can meet with parents and we look forward to introducing ourselves. You can contact any governor by making an appointment through the Reception at school.


Dr Peter C Jackson

Chair of Governing Body